Smart Sense For Your Vehicle

The simple way to manage all your vehicles in one place

The Caridox App


Never get caught out by an expired MOT, Road Tax or Insurance. With active reminders, Caridox will give you time to budget and prepare.


Enter your vehicle recovery providers contact details and in the event of the unthinkable, they’ll be no more than a simple tap away from you.


Whether you need to check those tyre pressures, top up the oil or browse another detail about your vehicle, with Caridox it’s all at hand.

History Logs

For those who like to keep track of their vehicle’s service history and other information, Caridox has an easy to edit per vehicle notes section.

Multiple Cars

With the full version of Caridox you can have multiple vehicles, allowing you to easily manage all the vehicles in your family or business.

Cloud Syncing

You can share your Caridox account information over multiple devices. Just download the app, login and all your details will be imported for you.

You Can Download Caridox HereDownload Caridox App

FAQs – Answers to popular questions

Can I add more than one vehicle?

Caridox Lite (Free version) lets you manage one vehicle. To add multiple vehicles to your Caridox account, simply purchase the full Caridox App, login to your account and add as many vehicles as you like.

How do I delete a vehicle?

To remove a vehicle from your Caridox account, select the vehicle > tap edit > scroll to the bottom and select ‘Delete Vehicle’.

When will i get a reminder?

Reminders are auto scheduled to appear 30 days, 1 week and 1 day before any due dates.

Can I configure how I'm notified?

You can choose the type of notification you receive on your device by going to settings > scroll down and tap on Caridox > choose Notifications and select your preferred style.

Can I turn off notifications?

You can disable all notifications for Caridox by going to settings > scroll down and tap Caridox > choose Notifications and turn off Allow Notifications.

What about my profile picture?

Previous versions of Caridox used Gravatar images for the user profile based on the email address entered. Now, you can use any image you have.

How secure is my data?

Security is a vital characteristic of any application, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the information you store in Caridox remains safe.

Or Download Caridox Lite HereDownload Caridox App


I hope you enjoy using Caridox and find it useful, which makes all the hours I’ve spent developing it worthwhile.

This is just a ‘one man project’, so if you have any feedback for me or a suggestion for the next release, please feel free to send it. I do try to read every message, but I can’t respond to all of them and appreciate your understanding.